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The Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas Organization is dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the Purple Martin species. Founded in 1999, the PMLNT promotes conservation by sponsoring educational programs, supporting research efforts, developing awareness with the public and protecting their pre migratory roosts. Our organization brings together people from across the Metroplex and the state with a similar Purple Martin passion. We believe the Purple Martin is a priceless and irreplaceable treasure and they contribute immeasurably to the richness of our state. These magnificent birds rely entirely on housing that is supplied by humans and are therefore especially dependent on the knowledgeable and dedicated volunteer landlords for their survival.

Our efforts include working with governmental authorities to help halt the destruction and harassment of a number of the bird’s pre migratory roosts. We are leading a campaign with the United States Post office to help develop a Purple Martin postage stamp and we successfully lobbied the city of Grand Prairie to formally recognize Purple Martin Day each year. We have donated money, time and housing to area schools and libraries to ensure the enjoyment of present and future generations of Texans. We maintain a virtual scrap book on line to share ideas and show our beloved colonies. We also have a very active exchange at the Purple Martin Society’s Round Table Conferences (purplemartin.com/rtc/) where landlords can ask questions or report activity and discuss Purple Martins. It won’t be long before someone responds to your message. We encourage our members to participate in ongoing research by submitting their colony data and we maintain our own PMLNT organization data each year to help recognize our local accomplishments and learn from our successes.

The Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas Organization represents over 100 dedicated Purple Martin conservationists and we are always looking for more people devoted to the cause of the Purple Martin. Please join us in our efforts to grow and preserve the Purple Martin species.

Please contact:   Gisela Fregoe, President - Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas


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