In 2013 my wife and I were invited to join Ms. Gisela Fregoe, President, Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas on a educational experience at South Grand Prairie High School, Grand Prairie, TX. At that time there was a teacher named Ms Tracey Hollis that taught classes at the school and taught nature classes at the nature center along with Gisela Fregoe.

Ms. Hollis had two large active Purple Martin gourd racks located on school property and would often take her classes out to visit the colony along with Ms Fregoe whom also taught the children about Purple Martins. I was asked to film the outing and recently located the footage in my archives.

I thought it would be interesting to share this wonderful experience with our visitors and if you are watching, I encourage you to Spread the Word About This Wonderful Bird – The Purple Martin. If you are a Purple Martin landlord, please share your colony and experiences with our younger generation and perhaps they will become landlords themselves in the future and learn to love this wonderful bird as much as we all do!.

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