A Message From One of Our PMLNT Members

A Message From Our PMLNT Member,

Robert Good afternoon, thank you so much for the information on the new Martin roost on N. Tarrant Parkway.

Also, just to let you know, this year both my son and I lost many young martins because of the heat in June. We have 60 gourds, most of them super gourds so it’s next to impossible to place shade structures over the top of the gourds.

After the early losses, I tried a different approach. I took a large bath towel, cut it up into four pieces, in the center of each piece cut a slit. I put two of those stacked on top of each other on the top of the individual gourds (note the photo) where I still had young Martin’s that had not fledged. Every 2 1/2 hours or so, we soaked those towels down with cold water from the hose. After that time, we have had temperatures all the way from 105 to 114°.

As of now, I only have one nest of Young Martins that have not fledged. So glad we were able to save those Young Martins.

Thought you might want to share this with other club members. Noelyn Butch Isom

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