Fort Worth Purple Martin Pre-Migratory Roost July & August 2022


Click the link above to see the 2022 Fort Worth pre-migratory roost.

This large pre-migratory roost is located in far North Fort Worth off of Spring Mist Cove. When traveling north on North Beach Street, after crossing North Tarrant Parkway you will see Spring Mist Cove on your right hand side that leads back to the apartment complex. Go a block and you will see a large parking open parking lot on your right. The PM roost in the trees near this lot.

For the past  three nights, they have been coming from the north and also the west at 8:45 PM. Estimated to be 25,000 to 30,000 martins.

A is a must see if you’ve never witness a pre-migratory roost. We took out young nieces and nephews and they were so excited to see all the Martins.

They should remain at this location until the first week of August at which time they will all depart to migrate back to Brazil for the winter and will return in the spring.

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PM Roost 2022

Click on the link above to see what the roost in Fort Worth looked like in mid July 2022