Purple Martin Pre-Migratory Roost August 2022

In August 2021, we discovered a new Purple Martin pre-migratory roost just 1/4 mile from our home in Far North Fort Worth, TX. The roost was located just north of the Walmart parking lot at North Beach Street and North Tarrant Parkway.

We had noticed every evening around 8 PM, Martins were flying and circling above our backyard colony. We thought that these were our fledglings who were just stopping by to say goodbye before their migration south, we were just happy to see them once again…

One evening, we were traveling east on North Tarrant Parkway, when we noticed thousands of birds circling above a stand of trees near the Walmart parking lot. As we got closer, we realized we had located a pre-migratory roost right near where we live.

With great excitement, we called our friends and family to come see this awesome sight. Many people stopped and asked questions and wanted to know what was going on with all these birds and this was our opportunity to promote and educate others about this wonderful bird, The Purple Martin.


Above is a 2022 roost video we took on 28 July 2022, with a song of Jimmy Buffett called Migration.

If you are in our area in early late July or first week of August2022, and would like to experience this awesome sight, drop me a note and perhaps we can meet up to exchange information and share our love of Purple Martins.


Robert Mohler

Vice President