Fort Worth Purple Martin Pre-Migratory Roost July & August 2022


Click the link above to see the 2022 Fort Worth pre-migratory roost.

This large pre-migratory roost is located in far North Fort Worth off of Spring Mist Cove. When traveling north on North Beach Street, after crossing North Tarrant Parkway you will see Spring Mist Cove on your right hand side that leads back to the apartment complex. Go a block and you will see a large parking open parking lot on your right. The PM roost in the trees near this lot.

For the past  three nights, they have been coming from the north and also the west at 8:45 PM. Estimated to be 25,000 to 30,000 martins.

A is a must see if you’ve never witness a pre-migratory roost. We took out young nieces and nephews and they were so excited to see all the Martins.

They should remain at this location until the first week of August at which time they will all depart to migrate back to Brazil for the winter and will return in the spring.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

PM Roost 2022

Click on the link above to see what the roost in Fort Worth looked like in mid July 2022

Purple Martin Pre-Migratory Roost August 2022

In August 2021, we discovered a new Purple Martin pre-migratory roost just 1/4 mile from our home in Far North Fort Worth, TX. The roost was located just north of the Walmart parking lot at North Beach Street and North Tarrant Parkway.

We had noticed every evening around 8 PM, Martins were flying and circling above our backyard colony. We thought that these were our fledglings who were just stopping by to say goodbye before their migration south, we were just happy to see them once again…

One evening, we were traveling east on North Tarrant Parkway, when we noticed thousands of birds circling above a stand of trees near the Walmart parking lot. As we got closer, we realized we had located a pre-migratory roost right near where we live.

With great excitement, we called our friends and family to come see this awesome sight. Many people stopped and asked questions and wanted to know what was going on with all these birds and this was our opportunity to promote and educate others about this wonderful bird, The Purple Martin.


Above is a 2022 roost video we took on 28 July 2022, with a song of Jimmy Buffett called Migration.

If you are in our area in early late July or first week of August2022, and would like to experience this awesome sight, drop me a note and perhaps we can meet up to exchange information and share our love of Purple Martins.

Robert Mohler

Vice President

Landlord Spotlight June 2022

How did we get interested in being Purple Martin landlords? In 2004, our son bought us a S&K Martin house for Christmas. We began our search to find out what type of bird used this type house. We learn that the North American migratory bird called the Purple Martin or Progne Subis is the largest of the swallow family and that they migrate from Brazil to North American each year to mate and raise their young. We also read that we would need a pole that could be raised and lowered to do the weekly nest checks. The pole should have a height of 12 to 14 feet. We’re learning!

In the spring of 2005, we placed the pole and house in an area of our back yard that had a good clear flight path and away from trees. In March of 2005, we had 2 pair of martins that decided to call the S&K house home. We were so excited to watch their flight and listen to their chatter. We fledged 7 young that year and we were hooked on being Purple Martin landlords.

In 2008 we found a group of dedicated Purple Martin Landlords in Grand Prairie, TX who called themselves Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas. Ms. Gisela Fregoe was the president and founder of this organization. We decided to check them out. They held monthly meetings at the Grand Prairie Library where Gisela conducted educational training and mentoring for new and established landlords. We learned most of what we know about Purple Martins from attending those monthly meeting where everyone shared their landlord experiences and ideas. A wonderful group of folks.

Long ago we retired the S&K house and decided to replace that with two gourd racks. We now have forty-two nesting cavities that we pre-build each spring with the soft East Texas pine needles and a spoon of Diatomaceous Earth to help control those pesky mites.

Last year we had a slow start due to the unusual cold temperatures in February 2021, but were able to fledge 131 fledglings. 2022 is looking much better. We purchased two Bling cameras this year and placed them in two of the gourds to monitor two of the nests. Things seem to be going very well and with our weekly nest checks, it appears 2022 will be another great season.

Egg Laying begins
With six pinkies, mom and dad are very busy bringing the insects.

PMLNT Board Meeting 23 October 2021

We met at the Grand Prairie, TX Airport lounge and had a very good business meeting. Mr. Chris Ginepp from the city came to ensure their continued support for us. This was the first meeting we were able to have since Covid 19 and it was great to see everyone again. Plans were initiated for the World Migratory Bird Day and Marty Party scheduled for 14 May 2022 at the Grand Prairie Summit.

Board members present were from left to right are: Ray Doss, Brooke and John Pearson, Kathy Ritterhouse, Gisela and Dick Fregoe, Bobette Mauck, Sammie and Robert Mohler.

Grand Prairie Airport Business Lounge

Past Events & Recognition of PMLNT Organization.

PMLNT President, Gisela Fregoe and our members take every opportunity to inform and educate the public about this wonderful bird the Purple Martin. Below are several videos of this well deserved recognition.

The Covid pandemic put most of our programs on hold for several years. However, 2022 is looking to be a much better year for all of us. Wishing everyone a very successful Purple Martin year 2022!

PMLNT President Gisela Fregoe – Marty Party 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Honoring Dick and Gisela Fregoe


Purple Martin Conservatory

Honoring Grand Prairie City Councilman Richard J.Fregoe’s 25 years of service as a city councilman from 1994-2019; chairmanships of and memberships in many non-profits, national and regional committees and boards; founding member of the Wellness Center, Grand Prairie Sister Cities and Unity Coalition; and co-founder with Gisela of the Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas; and through their efforts having Grand Prairie named the Purple Martin Conservation Capital of Texas by the State Legislature in 2013.

A Note from Purple Martin Landlord of North Texas President: Gisela Fregoe

Hello to all PMLNT MEMBERS:  A letter from your PMLNT President Gisela to all  PMLNT members to help with this art contest project that the City of  Grand Prairie, TX is offering to any TEXAS ARTIST to participate. We only need to concentrate on the  “PURPLE MARTIN” category. This beautification project started in Houston  several years ago and our daughter living there gave us the details. I urge you to get involved.Please read the instruction below and how to get started and please note that one of the themes is PURPLE MARTINS which of course is our focus. Please reach out to anyone you think might be willing to participate.Regards from Gisela
Gisela Fregoe President, PMLNT

The City of Grand Prairie Public Art Program invites artists to compete for a public art commission to create art on the  Traffic Signal Boxes  (TSBs) located throughout the city.  Art chosen  for this project will brighten city streetscapes , enhance community pride and create new, paid opportunities for Texas-based artists.          This project includes up to 10 TSBs and is open to concepts  for direct painting on the TSBs or for high resolution, digitally printed wraps  to be applied to the TSBs. The themes this year include:1)  the Environment2)  Hearts3)  Purple Martins and Native Birds  
Submissions are due April 28, 2022. For more information and to apply on line, visit
Gisela Fregoe President,  PMLNT