Club Officers

Elected Officers

Gisela Fregoe

Vice President:
Kathy Ritterhouse

Judy Schmidt

Larry Skinner

Appointed Positions

Robert and Sammie Mohler

Jeanne Streeter

Brenda and Larry Skinner

Director of Photography:

Email Notifications to Members:
Robert Mohler

Web Administrator:
Bobette Mauck

Web Editor: Robert Mohler

PM Colony Survey Manager:
John Pearson

Special Assistant to the President:

Ray Doss
Richard Fregoe

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Past Events & Recognition of PMLNT Organization.

PMLNT President, Gisela Fregoe and our members take every opportunity to inform and educate the public about this wonderful bird the Purple Martin. Below are several videos of this well deserved recognition.

The Covid pandemic put most of our programs on hold for several years. However, 2022 is looking to be a much better year for all of us. Wishing everyone a very successful Purple Martin year 2022!

PMLNT President Gisela Fregoe – Marty Party 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Honoring Dick and Gisela Fregoe


Purple Martin Conservatory

Honoring Grand Prairie City Councilman Richard J.Fregoe’s 25 years of service as a city councilman from 1994-2019; chairmanships of and memberships in many non-profits, national and regional committees and boards; founding member of the Wellness Center, Grand Prairie Sister Cities and Unity Coalition; and co-founder with Gisela of the Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas; and through their efforts having Grand Prairie named the Purple Martin Conservation Capital of Texas by the State Legislature in 2013.

A Note from Purple Martin Landlord of North Texas President: Gisela Fregoe

Hello to all PMLNT MEMBERS:  A letter from your PMLNT President Gisela to all  PMLNT members to help with this art contest project that the City of  Grand Prairie, TX is offering to any TEXAS ARTIST to participate. We only need to concentrate on the  “PURPLE MARTIN” category. This beautification project started in Houston  several years ago and our daughter living there gave us the details. I urge you to get involved.Please read the instruction below and how to get started and please note that one of the themes is PURPLE MARTINS which of course is our focus. Please reach out to anyone you think might be willing to participate.Regards from Gisela
Gisela Fregoe President, PMLNT

The City of Grand Prairie Public Art Program invites artists to compete for a public art commission to create art on the  Traffic Signal Boxes  (TSBs) located throughout the city.  Art chosen  for this project will brighten city streetscapes , enhance community pride and create new, paid opportunities for Texas-based artists.          This project includes up to 10 TSBs and is open to concepts  for direct painting on the TSBs or for high resolution, digitally printed wraps  to be applied to the TSBs. The themes this year include:1)  the Environment2)  Hearts3)  Purple Martins and Native Birds  
Submissions are due April 28, 2022. For more information and to apply on line, visit
Gisela Fregoe President,  PMLNT