WMBD Meeting

A note from Gisela,
We just had another World Migratory Bird Day event meeting and things are being worked out. Thanks go to Kathy who is my big helper at these meetings. There are lots of items to talk about and the WMBD event is shaping up very nicely. I think the event flyer is looking great, am getting some nice comments about it. Thanks. Come and check it out.

The weather is not too nice these days but at least our Martins can go and feed in between the rain. With strong winds I do lower my PM housing a little. Do some nest checking and keep tearing out 2 sparrow nests. Pine straw is very popular now as are the crushed eggshells.

Well, I like to wish you all a nice weekend. We will be busy every day.

Regards from Gisela

Gisela Fregoe
President PMLNT