A letter to all Purple Martin bird enthusiasts from Gisela

Greetings to you,

The Texas Recreation and Parks Society (TRAPS) recognized the 2014 Marty Party as the "Outstanding Program" in the Aging Award category.

The Marty Party was held in Grand Prairie, TX Central Park at The Summit in conjunction with the Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas organization. Over 500 people attended the dedication of a Purple Martin Sanctuary, a safe haven with open spaces and a beautiful lake for the Martins which are key components to the area's ECO system. The event, held in conjunction with the World Migratory Bird Day which is sponsored by the United Nations, included booths, exhibits, games, entertainment, food and prizes; it was so successful that it has become an Annual Event.

One of the participants, PMLNT member Larry Skinner, shared that, "In addition to providing a great home for the Purple Martins to nest in after migrating from Brazil each year, the city has provided a permanent educational forum for all the thousands of people who visit the Summit and walk the beautiful grounds at Central Park on a regular basis." The hope is to not just educate, but to encourage others in the community to provide Purple Martin colonies at their homes and businesses and to become landlords who will help to ensure the preservation and protection of this important migratory bird.

We are working already on this year's Marty Party, Saturday, 9 May 2015. I think it is worth for all our PMLNT members to come to celebrate our Purple Martins.

"Spreading the word about this wonderful bird, the Purple Martin"

Gisela Fregoe
President PMLNT